low gloss is boss

Low-gloss finishes coming soon

From floor finishes, to lipstick trends, to tire dressing, to motorcycle paint jobs, we're seeing the rise of low-gloss. And we like it.

After consulting with tastemakers in the design and finish industries, we made a bold decision. 2021 will be the year we go low sheen. We’re lowering the shine on our TFL finishes, bringing them closer to the luminosity you find in nature, particularly where it comes to woodgrain. We’re doubling down on nature-inspired design, giving you more tools to create spaces that evoke a feeling. Join our email list to get notified the moment low-gloss KML finishes drop.

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Examples of low gloss laminate textures


Enhance the drama of any space with KML's low-gloss look. Or, create a stronger tie back to nature with the quiet simplicity of these low-sheen finishes. The shift to low-gloss is subtle but powerful and we invite you to experience it yourself.

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