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Thermally Fused Laminate Panels

KML is a US leader in the evolution of Thermally Fused Laminate panels (TFL). A fraction of the cost of wood veneer, more consistent, and more durable, TFL is taking off for a reason. A TFL panel will work in most vertical applications, and even in some horizontal applications when specified with the right core. And when you go with KML, you get the best in style, performance, and sustainability — for projects that stand the test of time.

KML Core + Color + Texture

All the TFL panel options you want

Designers told us they wanted more TFL options. We answered. At KML, our TFL panels (also sometimes called ThermoFused Laminate, Thermofused Melamine or TFM) come in over 800 colors, 8 finishes, and 10 core options to meet the design requirements of any project with inspiring style and performance

10+ core options+

We offer flexibility with your core options and expert help with specification, ensuring the lasting beauty and function of your project. Get particle board and MDF made from pre-consumer 100% recycled Western Pine. A high-quality industrial byproduct, it delivers strong lamination and fast, clean cutting while saving trees. We also offer moisture and fire-resistant cores, low-emitting or no-formaldehyde cores, and TFL panels in more sizes and thicknesses than most producers.

800+ décor colors+

KML invites designers to expand their palette with over 800 décor paper options. Much of the look of any TFL panel comes from the resin-saturated décor paper fused to the panel’s core. We offer more flexibility where it really counts to achieve the style you want. Our spec reps will guide you to the color that pairs perfectly with the finish and application you have in mind. 

8+ TFL textures +

KML delivers a difference you can feel — eight times over. Our textured laminate comes in over 8 finishes, each with a texture that adds a tactile element, setting KML apart from the average TFL panel. The rough character of reclaimed wood, the deep ridges of exotic woodgrain, the tantalizing touch of linen. Our finishes add elegance and feeling to ThermoFused Laminate, earning it the right to be described as a truly decorative surface.

All the specification help you need+

Need expert guidance on your specification? If your KML distributor doesn't offer specification support, we can help. Just give us a call. Our in-house experts will guide you to the right texture, color, and core for your project.

Complimentary Samples
Get your hands on the real deal. Our customer care team can create custom samples for you (sample chips or 10"x10" samples available). If you're in a pinch, we can ship samples quickly so you can make critical decisions faster.

Common Questions

What is thermally fused laminate (TFL)?+

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), sometimes confusingly called Thermally Fused Melamine, TFM, or Thermofused Laminate, is a composite panel made when a melamine-saturated paper is fused directly to a core like particle board or plywood using heat. With countless designs, TFL keeps up to the moment on trends. It’s also popular for its lower price when compared to High Pressure Laminate, wood, stone, and other traditional surfaces. As the technology and artistry behind TFL has improved, it has become a go-to surface for designers looking to infuse style into on-trend spaces. KML is a leader in TFL innovation, known in particular for its hyper-realistic wood grain TFL lines.

What is the difference between thermally fused laminate and high-pressure laminate?+

The same decorative paper is used for Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) and High Pressure Laminate (HPL). For TFL, the melamine saturated paper is thermally fused directly to the core. HPL has an additional wear layer for increased scratch resistance and a kraft paper layer to improve impact resistance. HPL uses a glue line to adhere these layers to the core. While HPL is stronger and more durable, TFL is more cost effective and its very durable when used correctly.

Where should I use thermally fused laminate panels instead of HPL?+

We recommend using Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) for virtually all vertical applications like casework, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, closet systems, furniture, wall paneling, store fixtures, and slatwall. TFL performs well in these environments when paired with the correct core. It can also stretch your design budget while providing fresh style and even eco-friendly appeal, if you opt for one of our environmentally friendly substrates. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) tends to perform better in extremely high-traffic spaces and in some horizontal applications like desk tops and counter tops.

What is the difference between a design and a texture for thermally fused laminate?+

In Thermally Fused Laminate panels, the design comes from a melamine-saturated decorative paper (also called décor paper). It could be a wood grain, solid color, metallic, or an abstract design. TFL’s texture comes from steel plates used when manufacturing the Thermally Fused Laminate panels. These plates leave a reverse-embossed texture that can be expertly paired with the design to create a coordinated 3D surface.

All the added value you can handle

Can't find the right partner in KML's network of skilled fabricators? We have good news for distributors, furniture manufacturers, and cabinet makers looking to add efficiency and quality to their production. We make custom components in house at KML. Our Value-Added Department is here to help with custom lightweight components, edge banding, precision cutting and drilling, and fabrication of your all-important machined parts.

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