KML Designer Finishes | Surface + Substance

Surface and Substance
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KML Designer Finishes | Surface + Substance

Surface and Substance
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KML Designer Finishes

On the surface, our textured TFL gives designers and architects the on-trend aesthetics they need to create striking spaces with high-end laminate. The surface matters. It’s what you see, what you touch. But on a deeper level, KML delivers environmental responsibility. With 100% recycled core options and a highly efficient manufacturing process housed close to the source of our wood products, we are eco-friendly to the core. Now that's surface and substance.

More than just TFL

As we've spoken with interior designers and architects through the years, we realized there was a need for a more elevated laminate product, something that spoke of craft while being the product of precise engineering. Something that looked — and just as importantly — felt different. This led us to high-quality textured TFL.

Euro-style TFL. Faster lead times.

Our first textured laminate to take off was Edgewood. It has become a perennial favorite for designers who need a wood-style product with a deep reveal and an eco-friendly pedigree. Customers kept asking what was next. The popularity of Edgewood confirmed that everyone from designers to cabinet makers and custom closet builders wanted European-style textured TFL panels but with faster delivery times. That became our focus.

We now create a variety of textured TFL styles, each with a high degree of artistry, sophistication, and authenticity. And we get them to the job site with the efficiency that our parent company, Wilsonart, is known for.

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Our TFL panels are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs.

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