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Premium textured laminate

Textured laminate is a popular way for architects and designers to add a world of unique appeal to interior spaces while preserving budgets and natural resources. KML's textured laminate takes the form of TFL, thermally fused laminate, an engineered product that is perfect for a range of vertical surfaces, including cabinetry, wall panels, slatwall, retail displays, and much more. Also sometimes called textured melamine, our textured TFL is most well-known for delivering the look and feel of wood without harming trees.* What sets our collections of textured laminate apart? Trend-setting looks paired up with the perfect finishes to add tactile interest and authenticity. And with eco-friendly core options, our products let designers play with a range of inspiring looks while preserving our forests for generations to come.

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Premium Finishes

Take your project to the next level with one of our textured finishes.

Standard Finishes

Add a touch of sparkle or a smooth finish to any design.

* Our panels can be produced using eco-friendly cores, including 100% post-industrial Western Pine. The core option selected will determine how eco-friendly your product is.

Why Textured TFL (AKA Textured Melamine)?+

Textured TFL, also called textured melamine, will work in virtually any vertical application — and even in some horizontal applications when specified with the right core. It's a tactile, versatile, durable, and innovative product that stands out in all the right ways.

For too long, Thermally Fused Laminate (also called ThermoFused Laminate) looked and felt like an afterthought. A new generation of designers, architects, and innovators sees untapped potential in TFL to:

  • Tell unique, tactile stories
  • Deliver eco-conscious design
  • Outperform and outlast veneers
  • Provide greater control of color

Our most popular TFL innovations are in the category of textured wood grain laminate.



Melamine texture a differentiator+

Melamine texture has come a long way since the days of smooth beige blandness. KML's composite panels are a case in point. Worthy of the high-design spaces they inhabit, KML panels pair distinctive finishes with high-quality decor paper and strong, eco-friendly substrates to craft sought-after surfaces — surfaces that add to rather than detract from the story of a space

High-end textured laminate is a value add for many young consumers. For previous generations, solid oak cabinets were a status symbol; they signaled quality. A new generation of renters, buyers, and shoppers bring their own values to built spaces. For many millennials, high-end design and eco-friendly materials have the kind of cachet that solid wood products have for older generations.

Common Questions

What is textured laminate (TFL)?+

The words "textured laminate" are often associated with flooring, however, our textured laminate is a thermally fused laminate that is used primarily for vertical applications like wall panels, cabinetry, and retail displays. It is created when decor paper soaked in resin is adhered to a rigid material like MDF or particle board. Heat and pressure forms a strong bond between the decor paper and the rigid material forming a solid laminate. The imprint left by the TFL press' custom plates creates texture on the surface of the laminate providing a tactile and visual experience that makes the laminate look more varied and "real."

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