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High Pressure Laminate

HPL panels for any project type

With our HPL bonded panels, resin-impregnated Kraft paper gets plenty of pressure to fuse it to a substrate and create a strong composite panel. Since high pressure laminate features a wear layer, it's even sturdier than our already sturdy TFL panels. Even though they're sometimes called high-pressure laminate wall panels, HPL panels are more often used in horizontal applications, where their legendary toughness comes in handy.

One-stop shop for HPL panels and TFL panels

Although we’re known for our TFL, we have a high-pressure bonded panels available because customers like the ease and convenience of working with one composite panel company. We can lay up HPL bonded panels using virtually any décor paper. That’s a lot of design flexibility. And with over 10 substrate options, we have a core for you that can create value for your project, whether you’re chasing LEED points, moisture or fire resistance, or low-to-no formaldehyde emissions.

Benefits of High Pressure Laminates

Aside from HPL’s legendary sturdiness, our customers also like the flexibility we offer with our HPL panels:

  • Access to virtually any décor design
  • Clean cutting, easily machinable
  • Cut-to-size panels and parts
  • Edgebanding (contour or traditional)
  • 10+ core options

As a member of the Wilsonart family of companies, we also put a premium on service. We work hard to keep lead times competitive and do everything we can to add value. Contact us today about your HPL needs.

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