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Cabinet Parts and Machined Parts

Your source for laminate kitchen cabinet parts, casework, and more

At KML Designer Finishes, not only do we make laminate panels with sought after style, but we also create custom cabinet parts, casework, and machined components for a variety of applications.

Kitchen cabinet parts shown unassembled and assembled

Your laminate cabinet part manufacturer

As manufacturers of fashion-forward TFL panels, we’ve become a go-to source for laminate cabinet casework. We make life simpler for cabinet shops and distributers by making cabinet parts quicker and with greater accuracy, essentially doing their casework for them. Whether you need office, bathroom, or kitchen cabinet parts, our knockdown cabinet components are built, cut, routed, drilled, and banded to your custom specs, then shipped flat to your shop for assembly.

We manufacture:

  • Cabinet sides
  • Cabinet components
  • Cabinet doors
  • Cabinet drawers

Our cabinet component capabilities

With our BHX 500, we can make mirrored parts on demand. It features:

  • 26 heads, a router bit, and cutting blade on the top and bottom for perfectly matched mirrored parts every time (parts up to 4’ x 8’).
  • With drillheads on the top and bottom, the BHX 500 can drill holes from two sides to create clean through holes.
  • With so many drill heads working simultaneously, we can produce your custom cabinet components quickly saving you time and labor costs.

Other machined parts

At KML, we build and send TFL and HPL panels to skilled fabricators to be shaped into custom machined parts. But what if our fabricators don’t serve your area? Solution: we machine custom parts in house, abiding by the strictest standards of quality control, and ship them to you, saving you labor costs and creating challenging custom shapes. Using our Shoda Nested Router, we can:

  • Cut contours
  • Mill thickness
  • Do custom shaping

With the Shoda Nested Router, we can do custom slatwall to include carried slot centers as well as varied part sizes and shapes. Its ability to cut shapes quickly also allows us to be a primary source for laminate desktops for use in schools, offices, multi-family, commercial, and more.

Other custom capabilities

  • Contour edgebanding
  • HPL bonded panels
  • Cut to size laminate panels

Common Questions

What styles of cabinet doors can KML make?+

KML is equipped to make only slab door & drawer cabinetry. The slab door or drawer style is a flat piece of material that has no raised edges or panels, and allows for a modern or contemporary look. However, KML’s TFL panels can be also be used to make 5-piece doors. The 5-piece doors are also referred to as “Shaker Style” doors which have a style and rail with a recessed middle panel. The 5-piece door allows for a more transitional style.

Will laminate cabinets last?+

Solid wood and modern laminate cabinets are both extremely durable. In general, laminate cabinets are less likely to fade, warp, or crack over time, giving them some significant advantages. They are also “finished” in the sense that they don’t need paint. If you use the right core for the environment where the cabinets will go, your laminate cabinets will be strong long after styles have changed, making them a great choice for the typical lifespan of any kitchen remodel.

What is the most common type of core used for KML cabinet components?+

KML cabinet components are made from our high-quality TFL panels. These panels are typically made with two different types of core – MDF or Particle Board. The type of MDF and Particle Board that KML uses is CARB Phase II compliant, TSCA Title VI compliant and eco-friendly, and can also be NAF (No-Added Formaldehyde), FSC Certified, Moisture Resistant (MR50) and Fire Rated (Class A) if desired. Both the casework cabinetry as well as door and drawer fronts can be made out of MDF or Particle Board.

Does KML only make cabinet parts or does it also do installations?+

KML does not install cabinetry. We make what is known as “knock-down” cabinet parts, so it comes to your fabricator shipped flat, cut and machined, but ready to be put together and installed. Your cabinet fabricator will need to facilitate the construction and installation process.

Does KML attach the hardware for my cabinets?+

KML does not attach the hardware for the cabinets. However, we do machine and drill the necessary holes to attach any hardware (drawer and door pulls, hinges, drawer slides, etc.). Our automated drilling tools are super precise, making your hardware look great once installed. All cabinetry hardware can be attached by your chosen fabricator.

Does KML sell cabinetry direct to consumer?+

KML typically works with cabinet fabricators to help complete any cabinetry jobs. KML needs precise cabinetry measurements for your kitchen and/or bathroom, which a fabricator can create for you, in order to manufacture the cabinet parts for your project.

Can you remodel my cabinets in my kitchen?+

No, unfortunately we cannot. We do not work directly with homeowners. We only make kitchen cabinet parts. We would be happy to connect you with some cabinet shops in your area that use our top-quality kitchen cabinet parts.

I really just want to replace my door and drawer fronts. Is that something KML does?+

Absolutely we can. KML makes slab-style doors. Solid ¾ inch Particle board, mdf, or plywood with TFL, HPL, or veneer on both faces. We can also add a matching edge-band, and machine the holes for the hardware used to attach your new doors and drawers to the cabinet.

So, can you just give me a price on my cabinets? I know the overall sizes. +

Cabinets come in many styles and designs as well as a multitude of hardware options. All of these things can effect cost, as well as time of manufacture. These discussions of cost are best had with your local residential cabinet company. They will be able to discuss and show you many ideas that will fit into your plans.

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