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Laminate panels cut to size

Custom cut laminate sheets

At KML, our laminate panels cut to size come in over 800 décor colors, 8+ textures, and 10+ core types. The ultimate in design, performance, and flexibility. We serve the cabinet making and furniture industry with custom cut laminate sheets. Our plants are set up to produce both TFL and HPL, and with our vast catalog of colors, we’re well suited to match nearly any manufacturer’s design. We also offer stand out textured finishes you can’t find anywhere else.

Benefits of custom cut laminate sheets

Many cabinet making shops use table saws which make slow work of cutting large laminate sheets into cabinet parts. At KML, we use a Gibben Beam Saw that can quickly and cleanly cut parts up to 12 feet long.

We can make quick work of cutting your cabinet components, and we can even use our Shoda Nested Router to add fast, precise drilling and routing to your parts. The result? We send you custom-made knockdown parts for your cabinets, and you save money on the shipping because the fall down stays here. The result for most cabinet makers is a significant savings in labor and shipping costs, not to mention increased quality control.

Other KML value adds

We don’t just provide laminate panels cut to size. We offer a full range of value-added services to streamline your projects. From straight and contoured edgebanding, to custom shaping, mirrored parts, and lightweight laminate parts, our Value-Added department has the capabilities to get your project moving from a trot to a full-on gallop.  

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