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Stabilight™ — honeycomb composite panels

Stabilight™ panels are innovative honeycomb composite panels made by KML. Available in ThermoFused Laminate, High-Pressure Laminate or veneer, Stabilight™ is KML's answer to the designer's demand for strong, light, and beautiful composite panels. Using recycled packaging and technology inspired by the aerospace industry, our honeycomb panels combine form and function to create a customizable composite that goes where other laminates can't.

A composite honeycomb panel cut to reveal its core

The need — lightweight, rigid parts

You need retail shelves that have a long shelf life. No pun intended. Your bathroom partitions need to be tough enough to take a beating. Your tradeshow booths need to look great at first use and after four hundred uses. Your RV cabinetry has to last for decades. Here’s the problem. All of those applications require rigid lightweight panels. Translation: you need strong and light. Enter Stabilight™ from KML.


  • Eco-friendly: Honeycomb board core made from recycled packaging
  • Design-friendly: laminate panels with innovative colors and textures
  • Flexible options: Available in TFL, HPL, or veneer panels

The solution —Stabilight™ honeycomb panels

We’re best known for our textured laminate panels. And when you make a lot of panels you learn a bit about what the market needs. We couldn’t find a strong, lightweight core that could be built to virtually any size of panel used in a commercial building. So, we started manufacturing our own.

More Highlights

  • Built to virtually any size
  • Strong, lightweight and rigid
  • Usable for contoured and shaped parts

Common Questions

What is Stabilight™? +

KML’s Stabilight™ is a trademarked lightweight panel used with TFL, HPL or even veneer. The most common application is for lightweight shelving in retail environments, but it can also be used for dressing room partitions, bathroom partitions, trade show booths, ceiling panels and more.

What is honeycomb core material?+

Honeycomb core material can be made out of many different materials which vary based on the industry and application. Our core is made out of recycled cardboard packaging which is sandwiched between laminate or veneer to create eco-friendly honeycomb composite panels — extremely strong and light, capable of being built to virtually any size needed.

How much does Stabilight™ weigh?+

Stabilight™ is 58% lighter than our composite panels that feature a particle board core, making Stabilight™ a versatile product for spaces that require light but sturdy surfaces.

How strong is honeycomb core?+

Thanks to the rigid but lightweight nature of Stabilight’s cells, our honeycomb core is strong enough to be used wherever you might normally want to use TFL or HPL but need a lighter panel.

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