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Retail slatwall panels

Need retail slatwall panels? At KML, our high-end TFL and HPL can be formed into custom slatwall panels in house, saving you time and money. More than just slatwall manufacturers, we produce industry-leading TFL and HPL panels. Then we customize them for customers with unique needs in our Value-Added department. Our all-in-house approach can shorten lead times and save you on shipping costs. And as a major provider of on-trend TFL and HPL, we offer slatwall panels in over 800 décor colors and 8 unique textures that will elevate the look and feel of any retail space. And our full range of core options means we can provide high-quality, clean cutting, eco-friendly substrates too.

Commercial slatwall capabilities

Slatwall panels have been used in retail to provide flexible display solutions for many years. Our slatwall can be produced two different ways.

  1. Custom slatwall panels - Using a Shoda Nested Router, we can craft custom slatwall with carried slot centers. Custom slatwall panels can be various sizes and shapes up to 5x12 feet.
  2. Standard slatwall panels - Using a Tyler Slatwall Machine, we produce slatwall parts up to 4x8 feet. These slatwall panels come with 3” on-center standard-angle t-slots. Standard slatwall is available in:
    • Thermally Fused Laminate
    • High Pressure Laminate
    • Paint ready

More custom options

Our Value-Added department can also handle cut-to-size panels, contoured parts, and edgebanding (straight and contoured). We also manufacture a strong lightweight honeycomb core that helps us create parts that are perfect for retail shelving, trade show booths, and other displays.

Common Questions

What is a slatwall panel?+

A slatwall panel is a piece of MDF or particle board with a decorative or color face that has grooves (or slots) in it at consistent intervals. Slatwall panels are used for store fixtures, displays, or wall coverings. Often just called slatwall, it is used mostly in retail applications, but it is making its way into other applications these days too, like tool organization walls in garages. 

Is slatwall universal?+

For the most part, slatwall is universal. It can use universal hooks and shelves. However, there are sometimes variations in the size of slatwall grooves, the number and spacing of the grooves, as well as the type and sizes of inserts.

How much weight can a slatwall panel shelf hold?+

Typically 10 to 15 lbs.

How do you install slatwall?+

You install slatwall by screwing it into the wall drilling the screws into the grooves or slots. This hides the screws and makes for a more attractive application.

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