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KML Vintage Finish

Reclaimed wood speaks with unique character, warmth, and personality. It also comes at a premium. The Vintage Finish from KML allows designers to specify a reclaimed wood look with the savings of a thermally fused laminate panel. Featuring wood grain, rough-sawn marks, and other signs of age, Vintage conveys history, industry, and individuality. 

This finish pairs perfectly with over 16 custom colors. And when combined with our 100% pre-consumer recycled core, it forms a TFL panel far more environmentally friendly than other faux wood wall panels. Sturdy and commercial-grade, Vintage is suitable for high-traffic environments, including virtually any vertical application and many horizontal applications when paired with the right core.

The commercial-grade faux wood wall panel+

Faux wood wall panels targeted to the DIY crowd fit neatly into a category we call “disposable design.” Some of these products are even peel-and-stick applications. With Vintage from KML, designers get a faux wood wall panel fit for high-end design and high-traffic spaces. Add texture and interest to spaces that demand sturdy function and elegant form like hotel rooms and restaurants. Create a faux wood wall focal point or rustic headboard with KML Vintage, bring slatwall to life with this rustic and refined texture, or use it in furniture fabrication to add dimension and character. 

Recycled materials maintain the reclaimed-wood appeal+

Recycling is part of the appeal of reclaimed wood. But it comes with a downside. There is a limited supply of old, high-quality wood. Repurposing wood from old structures is also time-consuming and costly. And the product itself is slow to work with and even dangerous if not properly picked clean for old nails.

If specified, we can deliver Vintage panels that use recycled wood while offering a much-improved price point and ease of use over traditional reclaimed wood. We have eco-friendly core options available for Vintage including sturdy particleboard made from 100% pre-consumer recycled pine. This creates clean-cutting composite panels that are easy on the environment and saw blades too.

TFL panel installation is fast, easy, and budget friendly. With Vintage, designers of commercial spaces can cash in on the appeal of reclaimed wood while eliminating its downside. Our value-added department can even do custom cutting, shaping, machining, and banding to save on construction time and shipping weight. What’s not to love?

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